Deer Hunting in Maine

Deer Hunting in Maine at Ross Lake Camps

Deer Hunting in Maine at Ross Lake CampsGeneral firearms season in Maine opens on the first Monday in November each year, and runs through the 30th of November.

We are very straight forward with our customers here at Ross Lake Camps, and want it to be known that we do not have a large population of deer in this area. However, the deer that we do have are bruisers. It can safely be said that on average, one of every four bucks seen here is in a 185 pound class or better.

The country here is very big, and the woods very thick, but if you are an experienced hunter in search of a true trophy whitetail, this is an excellent place to test your skills. What we lack in pure numbers of deer is more than made up for in our black bear population, which season is open for during the same time as deer.

A big game hunting license and an additional bear tag are required for a hunter to take a black bear during this season. Small game to include fox, coyote, rabbit, and ruffed grouse is also open and included in the price of your license.

Our highly remote northern location provides two valuable advantages for our hunters. First, early season snow for tracking seems to be the rule rather than the exception in this area. We also have the least amount of hunting pressure in the state of Maine due to our remoteness.

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